Heart disease
America's number 1 killer

World first treatment

Reduction in cholesterol and other lipids
Plaque reduction within 4 weeks

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Lower cholesterol
Plaque reduction within 4 weeks

Cavadex reverses heart disease

Cavadex is NOT A DRUG

  • Cavadex is a ring-shaped starch that absorbs cholesterol from artery walls.

  • Unlike most drugs, Cavadex is not broken down and absorbed in the body.

  • Cavadex circulates around the vascular system collecting cholesterol and leaves the body intact via urine.

  • Cavadex has no side effects because it is not metabolized in the body.

  • Cyclodextrins have been used safely in medicine for over 30 years and are FDA approved.

RemChol tubes contain Cavadex

  • RemChol removes plaque from the arteries.

  • Angina is reduced within 2 weeks.

  • Plaque substantially reduced within 3 months.

  • RemChol requires no lifestyle changes to be effective.

  • RemChol can be safely self-administered at home.

Dr. James Roberts MD FACC FAARFM

Dr. Roberts has been treating his patients for over a year.

Cavadex reverses Heart Disease

Dr. Roberts is an independent cardiologist and has no financial association with our company.

"Now that we have Cavadex we can directly remove the plaque"
"Cavadex is directly reversing the arterial disease"
"Cavadex is a universal antidote to atherosclerosis"
"Our patients get better in 2 weeks with Cavadex"
"Rapid onset of biochemical benefit"
"Slow but steady reduction in plaque volume"
"Cavadex improves lower extremity and brain blood flow"
"Cavadex is incredibly safe, you can’t hurt anyone with Cavadex"

Leading medical professionals agree

RemChol works on everyone!

  • No matter what your lifestyle, RemChol reduces plaque and removes cholesterol from arterial walls.

  • RemChol can only benefit your health, it can’t harm you.

  • People using RemChol report improvement within 2 weeks.

  • Other products claim they MAY or COULD improve your health, RemChol WILL improve your health.

  • We are saving lives everyday with RemChol

Leading cardiac research professors...

  • ‘Cavadex is one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of our time’

  • ‘greatest breakthrough treatment for atherosclerosis since the discovery of statins’

Leading Doctors and cardiologists...

  • ‘now that we have Cavadex, we can directly remove plaque’

  • ‘Cavadex is a universal antidote to atherosclerosis’

  • ‘This will save the medical industry trillions of dollars, Why hasn’t this been researched earlier?’

  • ‘If everyone had access to Cavadex we could rid the world of heart disease within 12 months’

Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn Podcast

Remchol revolution
Explore the potential of cyclodextrin in accelerating Reverse Cholesterol Transport (RCT) with RemChol.

Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

RemChol patient

Howard has been using RemChol for 2 months.

No lifestyle changes
Howard was refused stents by his doctors because he was a heavy smoker and drinker.
After just 2 months on RemChol his condition improved dramatically without any lifestyle changes.

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Remchol for home use

CAVADEXTRIN® can only be absorbed into the blood stream when administered as an IV or as an enema.
RemChol delivers CAVADEXTRIN® via an enema.
Each tube contains 8 grams of CAVADEXTRIN® with over 2 grams absorbed into the blood stream with every treatment.

Remchol tubes can be administered as often as twice a day.

Patients using RemChol report :

Reduction of Angina within 2-4 weeks
Significant reduction of plaque within 2-3 months
No side-effects

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RemChol patient

Helga's calcium score went down.

RemChol lowers calcium score within weeks
Helga had a calcium score test and it was very high
After just 9 weeks using RemChol her score
dropped from 591 down to 521


Learn more about cavadex

Kyle Hodgetts, Cholrem CEO

Kyle Hodgetts, inventor of Cavadex

The story of how Cholrem was created
Kyle tells the story of how he discovered cyclodextrin, then over 5 years developed CAVADEX and RemChol to treat Heart Disease

This is Kyle's story

This 4 minute video could save your life

Heart disease and treatment explained.

Breakthrough Discovery reverses Heart Disease

In 2016 a team of scientists from Germany's Bonn University discovered a new compound that reduced plaque in mice by over 40% in as little as 4 weeks.
The new cyclodextrin compound (CAVADEXTRIN®) was also tested on human plaque and they discovered it affected the plaque in a similar way.

After years of research, our RemChol tubes deliver 2 grams of CAVADEXTRIN® that circulates around the vascular system sucking up cholesterol and other lipids and transporting it out via the urinary system.

Angina dramatically reduced in 30 days. No diets or exercise.

Read the science
Cholrem is a world leader in the treatment of Heart Disease.

Cool, thank you. The product totally works. My Dr. is astonished
Fantastic. I am experiencing great results. My feet were numb and the feeling has returned
Since starting RemChol, I no longer have any angina pain and indeed the heaviness/pressure in/on my chest has lessened

I was having angina pain in my left arm. Most of that pain has subsided. If my pain was a 4 (out of 5) before, it's now a 1 (out of 5)
I seem to be able to do more with little to no nitroglycerine, so this is why I think RemChol is reducing the narrowing in my arteries
Before RemChol I couldn't walk more than 25 metres without angina pain. I just ran a 100 metre sprint without any angina at all !

Our Trial Data


Angiogram: First patient has plaque reduction in just 4 weeks

CAVADEXTRIN® was administered to our first patient at our Melbourne clinic in April 2019 and within 4 weeks the plaque was reduced.

CAVADEXTRIN® circulates around the cardiovascular system removing built up cholesterol and plaque resulting in significant plaque reduction.

CAVADEXTRIN® is absorbed via intravenous application or as an enema only. If taken orally it is destroyed in the gut and has no effect.

Regular low doses of CAVADEXTRIN® can have a significant effect on plaque build up over time.


Lipid levels halved.

Dramatic reduction in plaque within 4 weeks

12 grams of CAVADEXTRIN® was administered for 26 days over a 48 day period.
STUNNING RESULTS Lipids halved, Liver improves, Plaque reduced.

Cholesterol from 10.6 (409) down to 4.1 (159)
Triglycerides from 20.0 (1771) down to 4.6 (409)
LDL from 3.7 (143) down to 1.8 (69)

GGT from 102 down to 78
ALT from 65 down to 37
AST from 42 down to 25

Cyclodextrin has shown to extend lifespan by almost 10% in mice

Mice treated with CAVADEXTRIN® showed higher neurological scores than compared with the mice given saline only..

Mice on CAVADEXTRIN® lived 10% longer.

CAVADEXTRIN® clears the vascular system and can extend lifespan.

In 2014 at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, a study was conducted on the effects of Cyclodextrin administered to mice. They studied the lifespan of mice treated systemically with either saline or Cyclodextrin at weekly intervals starting at 49 days of age until death. In each case, half of the males and females were given Cyclodextrin and the remaining mice received only saline.

During the study, the mice were graded on their neurological function. There were no gender related differences in the neurological scores. This score, which broadly measures neurological function, declines as the animal’s condition deteriorates.
It is clear that Cyclodextrin treated mice showed higher neurological scores than compared with the mice given saline only.

All the mice given saline only had died by 98 days whereas the majority of those receiving Cyclodextrin died in the week following. This shows an almost 10% improvement in lifespan.

The human trial of CAVADEXTRIN conducted by Cholrem has consistantly shown the scientific evidence proving the benefits of Cyclodextrin on mice also has similar benefits on humans. It would be fair to assume that based on the science, humans treated with CAVADEXTRIN would also experience a similar benefit of lifespan extention as the mice.

More Science

Science Articles


Cyclodextrin reprogrammed the cells in plaques, leading to increased transport of the dissolved cholesterol away from the plaques...

Science Daily

Cyclodextrin dissolves cholesterol crystals and reduces atherosclerotic plaques...

Huffington Post

can actually solubilize cholesterol and dissolve the plaques...

Science Daily

Soaked up cholesterol and removed it...

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

have the potential in lowering deaths caused by atherosclerosis...

CAVADEXTRIN® removes plaque and cholesterol

plaque reduced in just 4 weeks

A recent study by the University Hospital in Bonn, Germany discovered that cyclodextrin melts away cholesterol crystals (the main cause of arterial plaque that clogs arteries) and reduced existing plaque within just 4 weeks. The cyclodextrin bound to and dissolved the cholesterol crystals from the plaque of mice, leading to transport of the dissolved cholesterol away from the plaques. The same effects were seen in human plaque samples treated with cyclodextrin.

Article : Cyclodextrin promotes atherosclerosis regression via macrophage reprogramming

Improve Liver function

Another study by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, shows the treatment of Npc1-deficient mice slows cholesterol sequestration in major organs and improves liver function. This study shows that cyclodextrin is effective in mobilizing entrapped cholesterol in late stage NPC disease leading to improved liver function.

Article : Systemic administration of 2-hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrin to symptomatic Npc1-deficient mice slows cholesterol sequestration in the major organs and improves liver function.